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Soothing from Nature

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Mulungu is a Brazilian ornamental tree and medicinal plant native to the cerrado and caatinga ecoregions in Brazil.

In Brazilian natural medicine, It is used the bark to produce a tea with calming and relaxing actions. This incredible medicinal plant has many benefits that we are not able to quote all, follow some key benefits of Mulungu:

  • Combat insomnia: both for people who are slow to fall asleep and for those who wake up during the night and don't have a deep sleep. The relaxing properties act in the area of the central nervous system and allow for a longer-lasting sleep;

  • Action in reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression: relaxing action, not only for mental agitation but also for physical anxiety;

  • Anti-inflammatory action: related to anti-inflammatory phytochemicals present in Mulungu.

The reason for those benefits and many others is that Mulungu has description of the presence of flavonoids (homohesperidin, phaseolin), prenylated phenolics (phaseolidin), pentacyclic triterpenes (lupeol, erythrodiol), phytosteroids (betasistosterol, stigmasteroel) and alkaloids in the bark.​

Gola Superfoods offer the bark extract powder of Mulungu in Vegan Capsules for an easy and fast way to consume this amazing plant.

Mulungu Tree.




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